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“The Houston Heights Woman’s Club was organized in 1900 to seek wisdom and strive to do good by supporting any literary and scientific undertaking, the maintenance of a library and the promoting of painting, music and other fine arts.” Over 100 years later, the club continues to provide activities for its members, including charitable, educational and social activities supporting such purposes as a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Welcome to the
Houston Heights Woman's Club Heritage Group


In keeping with time honored tradition, members gather regularly for educational meetings and luncheons at our historic Clubhouse. In addition, members participate in activities throughout the year including community service projects, fundraisers, field trips and social events.

Why Join Us?

Social engagement, community service, fun and food. These are some of the reasons why members say they love the Heritage Group. 

The camaraderie and the friendship. The interesting conversations and also the delicious food we share.

C. Bonner

Our history and our legacy... the community and service that we do, the friendships and the programs.

S. Marsh

The feeling of community with new friendships; wonderful conversations, neighborhood outreach and goodies to eat.

B. Breese

Making new friends, doing good deeds, going places I'd never see. My interests are peaked in so many ways, HHWC makes my days.  

C. Jackson